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Naver TV

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manual streaming

Do's and don'ts


  • Log in to your account

  • Search the MV manually each time

  • Skip ads if you want

  • Keep the resolution above 480p

  • Use one tab per browser

  • Mute the tab if you want

  • Watch the MV from start to finish at normal speed

  • Watch min. 2 other MV's before rewatching the MV (again searching it manually)

  • Clear your cookies and history every now and then

  • Use multiple devices (Laptop, phone, tablet)


  • Don't use icognito or private tabs

  • Don't use VPN's or Bots

  • Don't mute the video itself

  • Don't use the "repeat" button or refresh the page

  • Don't use multiple tabs in one browser

  • Don't use adblocker

  • Playlists are not recommended but if you're busy, then create a playlist for yourself

Embedded streaming

Disclaimer : this may slow down your connection. It's important that you keep this tab open while the videos are streaming and don't switch to another page until all are done.

YouTube recognises views from embedded videos on external sites as organic views. This page will contain both DAWN's latest MV and his M Countdown stages with each comeback.

How To:

  • Play as many videos your connection can take at once

  • Make sure the quality is at least 480p

  • Mute the tab (or lower the volume of the videos to 50%)

  • Play all videos till the end

  • Wait around 10 minutes before repeating the action

  • Do not refresh the page, instead open a new tab

Switch between embedded and manual streaming. It's important not to repeat it too much to avoid looking like a bot to YouTube

Other embedded streaming pages: